Cozie apple survey

What is Cozie?

Cozie is an iOS App for for human comfort data collection. It is extremely useful for conducting right-here-right-now surveys in buildings. It can, however, be used to ask questions in other settings, allowing people to provide feedback in real-time.

Cozie for iOS builds on the knowledge that the BUDS Lab and SinBerBEST gained in developing Cozie for Fitbit.

Being Apple one of the major players in wearable devices market and with the Apple Watch dominating the global smartwatch market share, we decided to develop Cozie for iOS.

Cozie is still in Alpha version and is not yet available for download on the Apple Store. To find out more about Cozie or to become a tested please contact us at


While Cozie Apple was developed using iPhone 11 and Apple watch 5, it is compatible with all iPhones and Apple watches models.


The Cozie clockface is open sourced under at GPLv3 License.